I’ve not written a blog for a while as I was busy doing other things, and it is easy to get side-tracked (don’t you know!), even when it is in your schedule.  Also, the inspiration just wasn’t there…..However, ‘tis a new year and a new focus and it has made me reassess my working relationships and how these are formed.

I’ve talked before about the power of networking; these meetings are invaluable to connect with like minded others who are following a similar journey, but I feel that it is necessary to talk about the collaboration and what happens next.

I believe my message is clear; if you need assistance to run your business, an extra pair of hands at times, or want to outsource items on a regular basis, I can support you.  That is virtual assistance in a nutshell.  But as I tell my clients, “You are not a superhero”, and there are only a certain number of hours in the day, no matter how disciplined you are.  In comes the power of collaboration.

Since launching my business, I have been firmly grounded to the fact that in order to make it successful, I needed people around me.  People who can support my offerings, provide more to my clients, and give support to me when I need it.  But how to find them? Well I would highly suggest that if you go to networking meetings, arrange separate get togethers afterwards.  Get to know those people, and understand what they do.  When I do this, I am not looking for business, but trying to figure out how I can work collaboratively with them, as a remote extension to my team, just as I am to others.  Of course this isn’t always possible, but it means that I remember them much more effectively when my clients or friends say…..”do you know someone who….?”

As I grow my client base, and understand the needs of businesses that I talk to, I want to ensure that I have a team of others who I can work collaboratively with to provide the best possible service.  aDigitalMe offers a wide range of services, and with the help of associates we are able to keep our clients above water, not just treading, but on a clear mission to get to where they need to be.  I have connected with and formed relationships with many other VA’s, who I don’t see as competition, but as members of my team, despite them being in different cities!  It is these people who are my team, these people who I can discuss challenges with, these people who share knowledge and industry tips.

I hate to see people in business struggling simply because they haven’t thought to get their “team” in order.  It can be a lonely place, certainly not for the faint hearted, and knowing who you can call up/ email/ text when a curveball comes at you is vital.

Please do not be embarrassed to ask for help.  Having a good team of people to outsource tasks to, can be a lifesaver for anyone.   Get in touch and speak to us about giving an extra pair of hands with no ongoing commitment.  Contact Sarah at aDigitalMe on 07748 960448 or email us at info@adigitalme.co.uk.  We are here to help.