I’m fully aware I’m a complete systems geek.  I’ve always been one of those organized people, who can generally plan ahead, but over the past year since setting up aDigitalMe, I’ve come across more systems than I’d care to count.  Some are simple, some not so much.  Some are free, some not.  Some can change your life……but only if you use them to their potential.

I want to touch on this.  When I talk to business owners, I find that they generally fall into 2 categories.

  1. They are either organized, but don’t have enough hours in the day or pairs of hands.


  1. They aren’t productive and efficient because they have no way of tracking what they are doing.

If you fall into the latter, you’ll be one of those people who feel overwhelmed with things running around in your head.  You might forget to follow up on that lead you have, or the person you met last week who could be a great part of your network.  When ideas pop into your head, they can be fantastic and full of potential, but you don’t write them down anywhere (or if you do, you lose the notepad or forget where you noted it).  This blog is for you.

It can take a while to recognize and accept that things aren’t going to change unless you make a change, but making a jump from where you are right now, to where you could be, would be significant.  Imagine being so organized that you never have to worry about forgetting something again.  Imagine a process that becomes automatic, where your to do list stays there, on screen, on your phone, so that you can keep on top of today’s tasks and follow up with the next step.  Imagine being able to pop an idea into a system to look at in a months time.  How would business be then?

Adopting a platform that has allowed me to do that, has changed the way I run my business beyond recognition.  When you schedule something, it becomes real and tangible, rather than a whisp of a dream.

Just a thought…….what could change for you if you changed your processes?