It’s hard to believe but it’s barely been 5 years that social media marketing has played a prolific role in the business of today. Linkedin was launched in 2002, Facebook in 2004, Twitter in 2006 & Instagram in 2010, yet only 5 years ago did business really starts to feel the benefit, when these platforms opened up the opportunity for businesses to “sponsor links” that fielded traffic to their own pages. In the early days, success with social media marketing was like searching for a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Everyone was trying the same tactics to reach the gold but no one knew the secret password. Nowadays, these platforms have evolved, and provide the user with key information about your own accounts and those of your competitors, allowing a business owner to analyse the success or otherwise of social media marketing efforts.  Here are a few ways you can gauge your success with social media….

First and foremost…

  • World Wide Who??

If you don’t have a website and social media accounts for your business stop reading right now. Set one up and come back to learn more. A basic website and social media presence is a MUST for any company in this digital age. Customers will come from far and wide and will use the internet to search for whatever they are looking for, check out your offering, form a first impression regarding your businesses and search for reviews. If you aren’t searchable you’ll be marked absent, thus missing out on a huge potential client base.

  • Check out the Competition

Use the words your customers would use to search you. For example, if you are selling organic babywear in the UK search “organic” “babies clothes” “London” “UK” “green home” etc. Anything you can think that your customers would search for. Make a list of the other companies you find on your searches.

  • Keep Calm, Its Audit Time

Set up a spreadsheet. It’s not the most fun but it’s the only way to glean any insightful information about your social media efforts. Use different tabs for each competitor and for yourself. Track it weekly/monthly/yearly. You’ll gain all the information you need from the analytics options in the relevant social network or on your competitor’s pages. Check out spikes in followers, impressions and engagement and do further research into what you posted that day or other events in the marketplace that may have caused these abnormalities. This enables you to recreate the trend and drive more traffic to your page.

For example:



Followers/Likes Followers Change % Engagement Engagement Change %
  • Check out the check in’s

Review the check in’s and mentions for your own business and that of your competitors to assess the demographics of client engagement. This will allow you to strategize how to reach more of your target audience and put yourself ahead in the marketplace.

And perhaps the most difficult part….

  • Squeezing it all in

Management and monitoring of social media is not difficult but it takes time. Lots of time. And it’s easy to let it slide when other more pressing client facing matters are taking priority. aDigitalMe are excited to introduce social media management and analysis to our offering to help YOU with your digital presence. Our experienced team of highly qualified Social Media Managers will help you to

  • Set it all up when you don’t know where to start
  • Audit your existing presence and what it is doing for you
  • Manage your social media channels on a monthly basis including customer engagement and curating your content if required
  • Assist you with writing blogs

For more information get in touch for a tailor-made proposal!