Online Business Management & Project Management

This is a bespoke service, based on your business needs and how quickly you need to get to your business destination! We start at services from £450,  delivered remotely (and yes it is extremely possible to do this well!) It allows you to step away from the small details, and grow your vision.  

Strategic Power Sessions

If you’d prefer to dip your toe in the water first, we also offer Business Strategy Power Sessions where we will work through your challenges, create a strategic action plan and advise what systems you should be using to make your life a little easier.

Regular Business Support

Commitment packages are a way of building a long-term relationship with us.  We guarantee our availability to you on a monthly basis, and you will see our value increase hugely, not just from the discount we offer, but by how we quickly can action your needs based on our long-term understanding of how your business operates. 

Marketing & Social

We’ll work with you to create a beautiful brand, memorable messages and then get seen!  Graphic design, print, marketing, newsletters and social media strategy  & management.  We can do it all.  Our bespoke packages are tailored made to fit your business beautifully.  We’ll work with your budget to help you achieve your marketing goals.


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