I need an Online Business Manager (to work as my strategic partner)

Online Business Management

From £1000 per month

“I cannot believe the changes that have occurred in my business since working with you. We’ve gone from a place of chaos, to a totally remote and structured team, where I still have control, but can delegate brilliantly, meaning I can focus on the profitable parts of my business to bring in more money!”

What will this give me?

This is a tailored package designed around YOUR business.  It’s the second best thing to cloning yourself!

You get an Online Business Manager, who will be certified in using specific systems, which create the most amazing changes behind the scenes

We will have regular online face to face meetings to prioritise the needs of your business

We will set timescales and priories within your business and team, with key accountabilities and responsibilities per person

We will build and manage client relationships

We will manage, communicate and run your remote team on a daily or weekly basis

We will implement, streamline and keep your project management tool up to date for every goal in your business

We will create and update your business documents, as well as provide templates from our huge resource centre

On top of this we can help you recruit (or provide you with) additional virtual assistants, to keep your business going with the day to day admin.

Our Online Business Managers are certified in specific systems such as Asana, so you can rest assured that you have the very best second pair of eyes on the ground.  You get expert knowledge and guidance, as well as connections to global communities and training resources.