What are the benefits of taking on an Online Business Manager or Team?

You may already have some virtual partners, in which case you already know how some of this works.  If you are not at that stage, we have great networks to help you develop your people, and often our team are already used to working within great systems and communicating in a certain way.

We are invested in helping you to get to your goals.  Why?  Because as your business grows, so does ours!  Collaboration at its best!

And where does that leave you?  Well, we are freeing you up to focus ON your vision and brand.

What is the difference between an Online Business Manager and a Virtual Assistant?

This is important.  It’s not just a difference of name.  A VA will take away the day to day tasks for you- they are the technician of your business and are great at what they do.  An OBM (Online Business Manager) is responsible for managing the team and accountable for their actions within your business.  It is our experience of overseeing your people, business and strategic vision that sets us apart.  You already have a solid business in place, taking on an OBM is the next level to delegate and grow.  The name says it all, we support our Business Owners to build their teams.

How Do You Work?

We start with a questionnaire and a discovery call to find out where your business is currently and where you want it to be.  We’ll then set timescales and priorities, implementing Standard Operating Procedures and working guidelines into your team.  This is a vital part of your growth.  Our communication is most like to take place within an online system and in face to face video calls.

Am I ready for this?

Sure! You know you want to expand and your OBM will be instrumental in helping you to make that leap.

We are great communicators and very experienced in project management and leadership. You don’t want to have to give minute details for every task, and that is why you are taking it up a notch.  Your Online Business Manager can make decisions based on your strategy and ensure it all goes to plan with the right people and systems.  You are looking for someone who fits the Know, Like Trust factor, and if that fits, then the jigsaw is complete.

What sort of cost am I looking at for an Online Business Manager?

Each OBM will set their own rates depending on the level of their experience, but you will find that most options contain a guaranteed monthly package rate, a fixed fee for a project or an hourly rate.  Our unique packages start from £350, giving you the solutions you have been looking for.