Where do we start? Are you struggling to get yourself on top of your tasks and task management? We can help you to implement a system that will change the way you work.  We can also assist with

PA Services:

Inbox management
Diary management
Travel assistance
Event organisation

General Admin:

Proof reading
Minute taking
Report writing
Preparing documents, contracts and collation
Power point presentations
Internet or regular research

Customer Service:

Managing orders and enquiries from your customers
Sending out proposals to your prospects
Cold Calling (or warm calling)


Social Media Management

Databases/ CRMs/ Task Management Systems:

Quality data can take you to a different level. You tell us what you want, and we will create it for you. It may be a simple list, or a more complex system, capable of reporting and exporting data. We can set it up for you as a one off, or maintain it on a regular basis with data entry and reporting.

1-1 Mentoring- ongoing support to keep your business on track

We also provide HR services!

Do you need handbooks, staff contracts or holiday systems. We can do all that for you and more!

We can provide Holiday Cover:

The way this works is that we agree services before you go away, you then set-up email and call forwarding and we will:

Reply to all emails
Action the emails appropriately
Manage any projects you brief us on

The way in which you will benefit is that it is business as usual for your clients, and they still receive a great standard of service. When you come back, you aren’t left with a huge pile of emails and queries to deal with!

And there is more – we can also assist with Social Media management, marketing, PR ,blog writing and website management!

Contact us to discuss your needs! We don’t bite!

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  • Ive been busy out with the team at ihdjewellery s
    7 months ago by adigitalme I’ve been busy out with the team at  @ihdjewellery  ’s beautiful studio today. We were joined by  @doo_marketing  talking customer experience. If I was getting engaged or married again (don’t worry I’m not!) then I would 100% be heading to his utterly beautiful studio. From the moment you step in, to the incredible designs at prices to suit your budget, the whole experience is fantastic . .  #externalteam   #marketing   #growth   #jewellery   #jewellerydesign   #bingley   #diamond   #businesssupport   #socialmediamarketing   #socialmedia   #adigitalme 
  • Having a bit of fun over on my stories Work
    7 months ago by adigitalme Having a bit of fun over on my stories. Work shouldn’t be all serious all the time. It’s snowing outside, I managed to get my kids to bed earlier tonight and I’m about to settle down to continue watching The Office. I’ve been watching it since the summer and am on Season 8 now, although it’s not the same since  @the_real_steve_carell  left. I have no idea if that is his real page or not, but I’m tagging it anyway! See you on the flip side people! ‍♀️❄️ . .  #snow   #theoffice   #tv   #tvgold   #selfemployed   #businessowner   #officeforone   #weekend   #socialmedia 
  • When you work with people who appreciate you it brings
    7 months ago by adigitalme When you work with people who appreciate you, it brings meaning to why you do it. One of my pet peeves is inefficiency, especially for businesses where time is money, and often costly! When I work with a client, I don’t just do the task in hand, I’ll look at the way it’s done and make suggestions to make it easier and quicker. Apart from creativity, most things can be made quicker simply by learning new skills and systems. How much time do you waste every work day? . .  #businessowner   #time   #systems   #efficiency   #process   #clients   #work   #smallbusinessowner   #growth   #expansion 
  • When you are close to what you do it can
    7 months ago by adigitalme When you are close to what you do, it can be hard to see things rationally, or see why it’s too complicated/ not working. . Yesterday on my weekly catch up call with a client, I suggested changing a process by taking out some steps. This makes it easier to implement for the team to control and easier for members to sign up to an event. . You don’t realise how much time you waste until the obvious is pointed out. Stay in control, come and work with me .  #control   #time   #freshpairofeyes   #process   #business   #businessgrowth   #frommetowe   #growyourtribe   #adigitalme 
  • Every business needs systems and processes for the everyday repetitive
    7 months ago by adigitalme Every business needs systems and processes for the everyday repetitive tasks from invoicing to taking on new clients. SYSTEMS...sounds like a fancy word doesn’t it?! it isn’t, I can assure you. Without these systems it is easy to quickly become disorganised & overwhelmed. If your business does not have established protocols you’ll soon find yourself and your business suffering. Deciding to invest in getting these systems and processes nailed down has massive benefits and not having them can be an expensive mistake. You might not even be able to see it, but the large amount of time it takes for
  • You cannot do it all I dont care what anyone
    6 months ago by adigitalme You cannot do it all. I don’t care what anyone says, building a business requires building a team. It also requires the art of delegation, which isn’t something to be taken lightly. Great communication streams and regular check ins are vital to making it work. But it can be done, and it can be done well. Stay open minded and look at new ways of working. A good business manager can help you with creating these processes and templates. Grow your team and grow your business . .  #growyourteam   #growyourbusiness   #business   #team   #frommetowe   #growth   #adigitalme 
  • Create systems They dont have to be complicated but they
    6 months ago by adigitalme Create systems. They don’t have to be complicated, but they will make your life easier. Run through your daily/ weekly/ monthly needs and list out what you do, what order things need to happen. Create templates if you need. Set it down in a way that will remind you. Use something like  @trelloapp ,  @asana   @zapier  to create rules. A client told me last week that she was saving as much as a day and a half per week from the changes we made. It doesn’t have to be difficult. . .  #automate   #systems   #business   #efficiency   #trello   #asana   #zapier   #growth   #change 
  • Creating I never saw myself as someone who was creative
    6 months ago by adigitalme Creating. I never saw myself as someone who was creative, but I’ve realised over time that I was framing that incorrectly. I am very logical,and always look to see how to get from one place to another, and in that time I’ve also found my creative design side. If you ask me to draw something, it’s going to be pretty rubbish, but using widely available platforms like  @canva  has given me ideas that the 20 year old me would have never dreamed of making, both for myself and other people. It’s something I’m teaching my kids now, to use it
  • Planning to delegate to your team? Say what?!!! You want
    6 months ago by adigitalme Planning to delegate to your team? Say what?!!! You want to just hand it over and pass the buck? Sure fire way to disaster I can tell you. The best way to integrate someone new into your business is to go through a bit of pain first. What do I mean by this? The best clients spend time creating documentation to be really clear on their business, their vision, roles and responsibilities, how they want to communicate and manage their team, how tasks are currently done and when. It might sound painful, but this method ensures that you aren’t going
  • Cogs in a wheel Thats what we all are in
    6 months ago by adigitalme Cogs in a wheel. That’s what we all are in reality. But the individual cogs are not working together with the others, the whole wheel stops working. So whatever the role you play, big or small, recognise that it is still very very important. You are valued.  #onlinebusinessmanager   #businesssupport   #laptoplife   #flexibleworking   #laptoplifestyle   #virtualassistant   #responsibilities   #teamwork   #teamworkmakesthedreamwork   #adigitalme 
  • The PAIN! Running your business when you have a million
    6 months ago by adigitalme The PAIN! Running your business when you have a million other things to juggle can be hard! It’s not easy to manage everything, but there are ways to make it easier. If you are writing your lists but still not getting through it all then you need to be looking to expand your team. The old school ways of employing staff are not always the right solution, especially if you are in the pains of growth. By putting processes and the right people in place, things will rocket for you. We can help you to manage your clients, finish your
  • Building trust is SOOOOO important Whether you are the client
    6 months ago by adigitalme Building trust is SOOOOO important. Whether you are the client, the service provider or the end user, having trust in those you are working with is vital to your professional growth. Build your trust by trying out new service providers with smaller tasks and responsibilities at first if you aren’t sure. This will help you to see how you can best work together.  #trust   #growyourteam   #expandyourbusiness   #frommetowe   #smallbusinessowner   #outsource   #buildyourteam   #buildtrust   #adigitalme