Graphic design is one of many important tools that aid your business communication with current and potential customers. However, when cash flow is tight, especially when starting a new business or expanding, it is easy to ignore the important role graphics play in your business in order to save a few pounds. Here are 5 ways that great graphic design will enhance your business…

First impressions are lasting impressions….

Your brand logo needs to target your potential client base in a functional, creative and professional way. Whether it’s a first date or a new business meeting, a first impression is formed within 3 seconds of exposure to the target so graphics that are aesthetically pleasing and simple to process are likely to lead to a positive first impression regarding your business or brand.

Remember Remember….

Good branding makes your business memorable. Great design consistency across your brand will stand out to the wider marketplace. This consistency will ensure your business is perceived with professionalism and credibility, which you will then, in turn, provide for your clients. Great designs will appeal to the decision maker both directly and subconsciously, and humans are tuned to associate with things that make them look and feel good. Investing in high-quality graphic design will enable you to portray your business in a memorable way to your current and potential clients.

Don’t be busy, be productive…..

Well designed logos, websites and printed materials that are easy to understand and navigate will make it easier for staff and customers alike to use. If the branding is messy and the website a challenge, then it will lead to disengaged staff who will portray this to the clients. Keep it clean and simple to keep both your team and your customers motivated and committed to partner with your business goals.

Storytime is the best time of day

Just as children love to gather on the carpet for story the same is true for adults. It’s why Instagram and photo sharing has become so popular. Imagery and design which communicate your business offering may resonate more than a blurb on your website which may strive to have the same purpose. Let your graphics tell a story of your USP or company mission

And finally….

Seal the Deal

Whether it is adding to the cart, filling in the enquiry form or making an appointment this is likely the most important reason to invest in high-quality graphics for your business. An expertly designed logo, website and materials that target customers to trust in your brand to add value to their personal or business lives make the investment in good graphics worth its weight in gold.

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