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Driving solutions to simplify your business. We advise, implement and support your business, reducing your overwhelm and streamlining your systems.  We manage your back office so you can get on with running your business.  We provide a fully confidential offering, allowing you to concentrate on the important things. We achieve results, both behind the scenes and by engaging your customers with a slick service.

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  • LEARN  Its funny how you think you know so
    2 months ago LEARN . It’s funny how you think you know so much when you are employed, but then you decide to go it alone and BANG(!) you realise how much you don’t know!! ‍As a Virtual Business Support Manager, I have to learn new systems all the time, as every clients needs are different. But also, and more importantly, clients come to me not knowing how to do something and I will then suggest a system to put in place. At the moment I’m trying to make time to learn as much about Wordpress as I can as I’m going to
  • FROM OUTSIDE  Its so easy to be so close
    2 months ago FROM OUTSIDE . It’s so easy to be so close to something you are passionate about that you can’t see the wood for the trees . When you work with me, I can take that more rational approach to your challenges. I’m less emotionally involved so it means that my judgment and ideas come from a strategic angle which are based on the results you want to achieve. I’ve got some slots opening up in the new year, ready for you to start implementing your 2019 plans. Get in touch to book in! . .  #makingdecisions   #rationaldecisions   #business   #smallbusiness   #smallbusinessowner 
  • GROWTH  Are you struggling to get to where you
    2 months ago GROWTH . Are you struggling to get to where you need to be, simply because you are doing everything yourself? Who can be an expert in everything ? Pretty much no-one, that’s who. . The trick is to figure out what you are great and what you hate. I like to think of it as a 4 point list. Things you hate, things you aren’t good at, things you like, things you love. That’s a great starting point to the look at who can help in those first two areas. It may be a team of people, or one person
  • A lovely way to end the week  support headache
    1 month ago A lovely way to end the week .  #support   #headache   #business   #businessowner   #change   #technology   #systems   #wayofworking 
  • Urgh first working day of the year? How do you
    3 weeks ago Urgh. first working day of the year? How do you feel about that? If it’s overwhelming, start with the basics. Make yourself a list of what you think needs to be done, then go through it and mark every item with a 1,2 or3. 1️⃣ The number ones should be the most important and urgent. Look at what you need to do both for your customers and also on your own business. Focus on getting those things done first. ⏰ Get yourself a timer on, turn off all your notifications and distractions, and work for a dedicated amount of time
    5 days ago HELP, I NEED SOMEBODY, HELP, NOT JUST ANYBODY! . Not all help is equal, not all people who call them self a title are the same. Time and time again I come across people who call themselves something but can’t actually do what they promise. When you choose to outsource part of your business, make sure the people you choose hold values close to you. Try out a few smaller tasks at a time before taking the plunge on a big project. Check them out and ask for recommendations or testimonials from other clients. Equally, be the best client you
  • Ive been busy out with the team at ihdjewellery s
    3 days ago I’ve been busy out with the team at  @ihdjewellery  ’s beautiful studio today. We were joined by  @doo_marketing  talking customer experience. If I was getting engaged or married again (don’t worry I’m not!) then I would 100% be heading to his utterly beautiful studio. From the moment you step in, to the incredible designs at prices to suit your budget, the whole experience is fantastic . .  #externalteam   #marketing   #growth   #jewellery   #jewellerydesign   #bingley   #diamond   #businesssupport   #socialmediamarketing   #socialmedia   #adigitalme 
  • Having a bit of fun over on my stories Work
    1 day ago Having a bit of fun over on my stories. Work shouldn’t be all serious all the time. It’s snowing outside, I managed to get my kids to bed earlier tonight and I’m about to settle down to continue watching The Office. I’ve been watching it since the summer and am on Season 8 now, although it’s not the same since  @the_real_steve_carell  left. I have no idea if that is his real page or not, but I’m tagging it anyway! See you on the flip side people! ‍♀️❄️ . .  #snow   #theoffice   #tv   #tvgold   #selfemployed   #businessowner   #officeforone   #weekend   #socialmedia 
  • When you work with people who appreciate you it brings
    20 hours ago When you work with people who appreciate you, it brings meaning to why you do it. One of my pet peeves is inefficiency, especially for businesses where time is money, and often costly! When I work with a client, I don’t just do the task in hand, I’ll look at the way it’s done and make suggestions to make it easier and quicker. Apart from creativity, most things can be made quicker simply by learning new skills and systems. How much time do you waste every work day? . .  #businessowner   #time   #systems   #efficiency   #process   #clients   #work   #smallbusinessowner   #growth   #expansion 
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