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You know you are ready. It’s time to take it up to the next level!

You’ve been doing it all and are FANTASTIC at serving your clients and communities, but DOING IT ALL is now holding YOU back. You know it’s time to make a change, and you are ready to create your team!

You know you are ready to take it up a notch and grow, but in order to scale that long dreamt vision, you need a plan, people and tools. When you are already working all the hours you have available to you, how is it possible to start working ON your business, instead of IN it?

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If you’d prefer to dip your toe in the water first, we also offer Business Strategy Power Sessions where we will work through your challenges, create a strategy action plan and advise what systems you should be using to make your life a little easier.

What are the benefits of taking on an Online Team?

How do you work?

What is the difference between an Online Business Manager and a Virtual Assistant?

Bringing your vision to life

We are your external team, bringing your vision to life

You are ready for a strategic approach to your business challenges with flexible team options to delegate, level up and grow

The Stories of Success

Apple HR Ltd

The team at aDigitalMe worked quickly and efficiently to update my admin processes and provide me with solutions to my unnecessarily time consuming admin. They also provide me with a quality PA service supporting on an adhoc basis when my business requires. They are solutions focused, great communicators and a great asset to any business.

Deborah Ogden Ltd

I’d reached a point in running my business where I was looking for some support on introducing some systems to help streamline my work and allow me to work me effectively. Sarah has helped me do that. Generous with her knowledge and experience, she listened to the specific needs of my business and offered suggestions and practical solutions. Having the opportunity to talk through the way I was working and share ideas gave me greater clarity on how I use my time and how an additional person can help me and allow me to focus on delivery and business development. Thank you Sarah – I look forward to working with you and the team over the coming months.

ABL Business Ltd

Sarah worked with myself and the team at ABL Business Ltd to help us migrate from a CRM System and Project management tool to one platform encompassing both.

Sarah got stuck in and took the work off of my desk which is what was required. She worked efficiently and independently with minimal disruption to affect our daily working schedules. It is 3 months now since we finished the project and following on from the fantastic support we received at the start we have no successfully embedded the new system into our working practices and are reaping the benefits.

Thanks Sarah for helping us to see the wood for the trees and being a part in our rapid growth. I would recommend you to anyone…Looking forward to the next project!

Rhona Graham- Veritas VAT

The range of services you can provide, your knowledge of useful tech solutions, and ability to drive things forward has really impressed me.  You have clear and clever pricing options which are great for budgeting. I very much look forward to continuing to work with you.

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