Business Support Services

Gosh where do we start? We can provide lots of help, so below is a snapshot of the type of administration assistance you may need! We can provide the following:

General Admin:

Proof reading
Minute taking
Report writing
Preparing documents, contracts and collation
Managing orders and enquiries from your customers
Internet or regular research
Emailing out marketing material
Cold Calling (or warm calling)
Power point presentations
We can look after your Database for you:

Quality data can take you to a different level. You tell us what you want, and we will create it for you. It may be a simple list, or a more complex system, capable of reporting and exporting data. We can set it up for you as a one off, or maintain it on a regular basis with data entry and reporting.

We can also provide HR services!

Do you need handbooks, staff contracts or holiday systems. We can do all that for you and more!

We can also provide Holiday Cover:

The way this works is that we agree services before you go away, you then set-up email and call forwarding and we will:

Reply to all emails
Action the emails appropriately
Manage any projects you brief us on
Answer your phone
The way in which you will benefit is:

It is business as usual for your clients, and they still receive a great standard of service. When you come back, you aren’t left with a huge pile of emails and queries to deal with!

And there is more – we can also assist with Social Media management, marketing, PR and blog writing!

Contact us to discuss your needs! We don’t bite!

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