by Sarah Small

Something resonated with me this week….probably because I have builders in my house, but it made me think about how sometimes the only way to improve something that isn’t working, is to break it down completely and build it up again.  Yes that.  I was watching how a builder destroys what is there, but then re-makes the foundations to build up something better (well you hope they will!)

It’s a bit like that in business.  Processes that have been set up originally may not work for you in the way they could and it is really hard to find the time to change them once you are in the thick of it.  Imagine you are a small business (you might be…!) who takes customer orders for products you sell.  When you first started, you may have been happy to take those orders over the phone, but as you grow this can become untenable.  It may be that you have no proof that the order was placed, payment is harder to obtain and what if something goes wrong (shock/ horror- that will never happen will it?).  Well yes it will at some point.  All businesses have their challenges (mine included) and its hard to take that step back to address those challenges.

It is often worth doing some research into how other companies address these issues, and ask people around you.  If you haven’t got the time to address it, consider asking someone to help.  We are able to look at a situation from a more emotionally removed perspective, and suggest or implement changes for you which will help you to improve your offering. Every business is unique, and we are able to assist with your needs.

We’d be very happy to have a discussion with you to see how we can help.  Let us know what your challenges are, and lets break them down, digital style!



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