About Us

Hi, I’m Sarah Small the founder of aDigitalMe, and I’m driven by my passion for organisation, processes and the dreaded “S” word…..systems!

After working within both corporate and smaller business settings for over 15 years and seeing the challenges they came up against in their day-to-day operations, I realised there was a need for reliable, cost-effective business support without the need for that person to be in the office, or even on the payroll for that matter! aDigitalMe was born, and the rest (as the clichéd saying goes) is history…

We are a remote extension to your team; the virtual cog in your business wheel, and once you have tried us, you will see why.

I am absolutely certain that we will have already come across the challenge you are facing. If we haven’t, I am absolutely confident that we can help you to figure it out! We get under the skin of the problem and offer solutions to implement. You won’t find us to be “YES” people, we will challenge the way you do things to make your business more efficient.  We are not just VA’s. That is what we pride ourselves on.  It isn’t just about an extra pair of hands; it is about working in the most efficient way.

All work is taken on a completely confidential basis, and you can be sure that we will get it done efficiently.  Sometimes, having an external pair of eyes can make a huge difference to the work you produce!

We have a number of fabulous associate VA partners on board, who are able to offer all kinds of admin support, so we really have got your back in whatever way you need.

We work with businesses of different sizes and help them with the mountains of admin that stop them from focusing on the important stuff. Every client is treated individually; after all, no two businesses are the same, so why should we approach them in the same manner?! We talk to small businesses regularly, who need different solutions.

Find out HERE what services we provide and we’d love to find out what challenges you need help with!

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