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Our aim is to provide simplicity in a busy life.

Need help? Worry no more... aDigitalMe is here to assist with any administration needs of your business or personal life, on a completely confidential and efficient basis. Want to know more?

Inspired by seeing how complicated employment can be, aDigitalMe was created to simplify both business and personal worlds.

We provide virtual business support and administration, spanning a huge variety of tasks in a confidential, efficient manner. We make your life simpler from afar, by being a remote extension to your business!

From admin provision, to digitalisation of your business and life…

From project management to PA services, and assistance in HR functions and recruitment…

From strategy planning to process building…

We can assist you to improve your business or life, with none of the hassle of you hiring an “employee”.

Get yourself organised... the digital way.

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  • My work is never done  sundayfunday homework workingmum clauseshellip
    1 month ago My work is never done ‍♀️✏️  #sundayfunday   #homework   #workingmum   #clauses   #handwriting   #spellings   #spellingsentences   #grammarqueen   #adigitalme 
  • Systems! Do you have one A system can be ashellip
    1 month ago Systems! Do you have one❓ A system can be as simple as a list or as complex as an expensive customised piece of software The trick is to find something that works for you ‍. But behind your system, you need to figure out your processes , make it streamlined, make it efficient. That's how you will run the day, and not let it run you. And when your systems and processes are working but you still haven't got enough hours in the day , then it's time to look at what you can outsource so you can move forward…
  • I want to talk POWERPOINT! Its one of those thingshellip
    4 weeks ago I want to talk POWERPOINT! Its one of those things which can be like marmite. Latest blog is all about how to maximise on your presentation to ensure you keep your audience engaged and excited throughout your talk ❎. I took one slide from the fab  @suzieshenderey  hypnotherapy and gave it a quick couple of twists. Things to consider are.....IMAGES, USING VIDEO, LESS TEXT, MOVEMENT ON SCREEN . No bullet points or paragraphs please ⁉️See bio for link to website and latest blog this week.....come and ask if you want some help!! . . .  #powerpoint   #presentation   #speech   #speaker   #talk …
  • And just like that it is October   hellip
    3 weeks ago And just like that it is October ☠️ . . . .  #october   #pinchandapunch   #1stofthemonth   #year   #month10   #busy   #flyingby   #adigitalme 
  • Here at aDigitalMe we are all about doing things inhellip
    2 weeks ago Here at aDigitalMe we are all about doing things in the most efficient way. Who thinks they could shave some time off each week by changing just one thing? ⏰ I can guarantee you that you could, and the reason I know that is because I see week in and out that people do things because they have always done them that way, and are not aware of the time it is costing them or look to change this So I’m giving you a challenge. Take one thing that you do that seems to suck time from your day. Have…
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  • Please be kind Mental illnesses are not visible but canhellip
    2 weeks ago Please be kind. Mental illnesses are not visible but can really rock your world . Notice those around you. Ask the question “are you ok❓Give someone a hug . It’s ok not to be ok, but it’s also important to talk about it . Spread a little love  #worldmentalhealthday  . . .  #talktome   #listen   #support   #mentalhealth   #mentalhealthawareness   #anxiety   #depression   #beagoodperson   #adigitalme 
  • On International Day of the Girl I look to thosehellip
    1 week ago On International Day of the Girl, I look to those who inspire me; not just with their successes but in the way they empower others , they way they use their words as strength , the way they listen and behave. I started my business to be able to offer working opportunities to other women as well as myself, who need to “do it all”, when it seems impossible . We juggle, we work hard, we raise families ‍‍‍, we keep a home , we look after others , we support, nuture and care. But most of all, we have…
  • Do you? Or do you find yourself wading through jobshellip
    4 days ago Do you? Or do you find yourself wading through jobs each week that you hate?. We get so caught up in what needs to be done that it doesn’t always seem obvious that someone can assist you and take it away. What is the worst task on your weekly list and how long does it take you? Could someone else do it and free you up for the stuff you love ?
  • Working remotely in the car in the rain That ishellip
    2 days ago Working remotely in the car in the rain. That is the beauty of using mobile systems that allow for access from anywhere. ☔️ How easy is it for you to deal with jobs on the go??  #adigitalme  . .  #mobileworking   #workfromanywhere   #systems   #makeiteasy   #runyourbusiness   #worklife   #worklifebalance 



When you see what admin can be outsourced to us, you can spend time on growing your business!

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